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GEOS Enterpise

The Global Education and Occident Statecraft Enterprise is a dynamic and diversified company
offering a broad range of services and international operations, headquartered in Rome – Italy, with
branches located in 3 continents worldwide.
GEOS Enterprise, founded by the initiative of an international group of distinguished academics
and renowned professionals from civil and military institutions has grown to become a firm unlike
any other, pursuing commercial, educational, scientific, security, social and cultural objectives.
GEOS Enterprise is Founding Partner of Polo Meccatronica Valley and linked to global network of
universities, research centers, think tanks and business companies constitute our unique nexus of
renowned partners, which guarantees us the expertise and support, vital to our success.
GEOS Enterprise core business activities are focused on:
• development, production and marketing of innovative systems, products and services with
high technological value in the fields of Homeland security, e-government and strategic
• world class education programs and training on statecraft, security and other strategic topics,
aimed to develop the intellectual edge needed for a successful leadership