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Info Solution

Info Solution S.p.A. is a private and independent company that provides consultancy for the realization of products and projects with a high technological content.

Since 1998 it has been developing embedded electronic systems starting from the definition of the specifications up to the production, for its customers distributed throughout the Italian territory. The Group now has over 100 employees, of which 90% are engineers who are experts in electronics and information technology

Info Solution through its offices in Milan, Genoa and Rome collaborates with small and large companies, active in various sectors: Aerospace and Defense, Telecommunications, Transport, Energy, Medical, Industrial fields.

A division is dedicated to research calls for the development of technologies, carrying out numerous research projects with the University of Rome La Sapienza, the Polytechnic University of Milan, SUPSI, INFN IAFSI, UCLA (USA) and with various hospitals for telemedicine.

The areas of activity of this division concern:

-Autonomous vehicles: land vehicles capable of carrying out missions of the following types: logistics, mobility aid, security and exploration (automatic patrolling, precision agriculture) and military (Intelligence & Surveillance – military flying drones and vehicles with intelligence and surveillance missions.)

-Perception of the environment: it consists in the use of techniques aimed at merging data from cameras, sonar, lasers, etc. to classify what is present in the environment and what happens automatically.

-Wireless sensor networks and telemedicine systems: we have developed sensors in the field of environmental monitoring, water and gas meters, RFID technologies for the identification and tracking of people and things. We have developed various telemedicine and telerehabilitation systems aimed at supporting patients suffering from specific diseases and sensor systems for household appliances in the field of Industry 4.0