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Sama Sistemi

Sama Sistemi srl., Is an engineering firm whose objective is the design and construction of antennas, for both civil and military use, and electronic sub-assemblies both RF (passive and active microwave components) and control (tracking systems and positioning).

 Sama systems srl. boasts design skills and experience on a wide range of systems from HF to EHF and beyond. Particular attention is paid to the creation of single antennas or non-commercial arrays based on customer specifications

 The instrumentation in possession allows to cover a range of frequencies from a few Mhz up to 40Ghz to allow the characterization of the components developed with bench measurements (both vector and scalar).

  • Antenne per stazione di base sia omnidirezionali che direttive
  • Antenne per sistemi mobili di radiocomunicazione
  • Antenne per applicazioni aeronautiche e navali
  • Antenne a larga banda, direttive e log-periodiche
  • Antenne Riflettori parabolici diam. 20cm/4m
  • Antenne EMI e di calibrazione
  • Trombe piramidali
  • Sistemi di tracking per satelliti
  • Sistemi di controllo e posizionamento antenne
  • Sistemi RF attivi o passivi, in coassiale o in guida