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S.D.S – Systems Development & Support Srl is a limited liability company founded in 1998, engaged in the design, development and production of systems, subsystems (Electronic Warfare and Radars Systems) and active and passive radio frequency microwave components for military and civil applications. .


The development and manufacture of products and services cover a wide spectrum, from high frequencies to millimeter wavelengths, high speed, high power and high voltage analog and digital circuits.


Today, the capabilities of S.D.S are appreciated nationally and internationally. Its systems and products are built according to customer needs using innovative technical and technological solutions and highly specialized resources, also in the field of microelectronics.


The S.D.S laboratories and offices are located in the Tiburtina Technological Park, in Rome, and are equipped for the simulation and the testing of systems for customers and for carrying out studies for projects of varying complexity. SDS is ISO 9001: 2008 certified and complies with the requirements of AQAP-110 and AQAP-150 regulations. S.D.S is currently subject to the AS9100 certification process.