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smart cıty


ATEN IS Group has increasingly diversified its offer by also designing and developing civil application systems – smart solutions, applying Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, IoT technologies.

The solutions of the ATEN IS Group are integrated, modular, high-tech, flexible and customized according to requests. In the context of smart cities, the following are presented:

  • Smart Farming system – Intelligent Agriculture 4.0
  • Telemedicine platform
  • Solutions for “Smart Cities” such as: infomobility, traffic management, etc.
  • Decision support systems for emergency management (“Firefighter of the future”)
  • Air quality monitoring system
  • Environmental monitoring system (e.g. smartree)
  • Projects related to culture and tourism

Infomobility projects

IOT solution for cities


The LOG-ON Project consists of the Planning and Management of Urban Logistics through;

    •  Cloud computing
    •  Satellite navigation and networking
    •  Traffic and parking control
    •  Decision support
    •  Goods tracking and localization
    • Blockchain for Payment Systems

SE.ME Project

The system will make it possible to collect a whole series of information to implement policies to encourage citizens’ behavior. This information may come from mobility operators, field personnel (vigilant), third-party services already up and running, and finally from the sensor network.

The developed modules can basically be divided into 3 units:

  • IoT Gateway
  • Service Layer
  • Web Application

IOT – IOE Platforms