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Telemedicine Platform

What it is: a cloud platform designed to remotely monitor the evolution of diseases and provide diagnostic services across the territory, in cases of emergency, difficulty or inaccessible areas. It is the result of a telemedicine project carried out for an important Italian hospital, designed to put subjects in direct communication through the platform.

What it does: allows you to monitor diseases through recognized biomedical tools and provide an early warning in the presence of possible values outside the threshold. Allows you to access medical documents, to set up an agenda for home care.

How it works: it incorporates, within the platform, the interactions between the patient and medical specialists, health professionals, nursing assistants for families, social workers and members of the patient’s family.

Telemedicine is the result of a telemedicine project carried out for an important Italian hospital. It allows communication between the subjects in the platform through audio conferences, video and live chat and at the same time the possibility to consult the patient’s documentation and measure their biometric values in real time … It allows in case of lack of digital tools or network error, to access medical documents. It allows you to set up an agenda for home care throughout the territory for better optimization of the service. Telemedicine platform can be used in emergency contexts, remote medical assistance and control and for ordinary prevention campaigns or intervention in risky areas for the identification of biomedical measurements on a large number of patients.



  • Monitoring long-term pathologies at home
  • Fitting therapy elements and dosages
  • Data sharing among Specialists and Health Structures
  • Access to medical services from remote regions
  • Creation and updating of an electronic medical chart with the patient state of health