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web intelligence


It is a Research project, funded through POR FESR LAZIO tenders the “Aerospace and Security”.

It supports investigators and analysts in carrying out their work in the fight against terrorism.

  • Platform for the collection and analysis of contents (texts, images and video frames) deriving from automatic crawling on the surface web and deep web with particular attention to those aimed at terrorist and radicalization actions (EXPERT AI)
  • Textual contents are analyzed with semantic analysis techniques
  • Multimedia contents (Image/Video) are analyzed through image processing techniques for forensic applications (CNR)
  • The results are geo-referenced so that any threats can be correlated with each other to provide an appropriately profiled warning identification system (ESRI).
  • The system is integrated with databases and GUI (SIGMA).

Starting from an Analysis and identification of threats and Forensic scientist analysis, Courier proved to be a powerful tool to support and facilitate the work of the analysts for identification and monitoring criminal activities in areas of terrorism,. The Courier project has also shown such flexibility that it is possible to think of expanding the field of application to the analysis and monitoring of a wider set of criminal activities.

Web Intelligence - Project Courier